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B-Face, born Boniface G. Doegar, was born in West Africa, Liberia. He comes from a large family with six sisters and two brothers. His father was a teacher and his mother sang in church. Coming from family of singers and dancers, B-Face was destined to sing himself.

Starting at the age of six, B-Face would sing with his mother. At school his teachers would frequently call him up in front of the class to sing. He was dubbed the African Michael Jackson while he never compared himself. He did tell his friends that he would someday be a famous person. He showcased his talents singing with his friends around the community.

In 1996, Liberia was engulfed in a war between its own government and rebel soldiers. A close family member was an innocent bystander and was shot by a stray bullet. They had to be rushed to the United Nations Hospital. Later that same year, B-Face and his family became refugees and fled to Ghana in fear of his father’s life. In the country of Ghana, they sought shelter from the civil war in Liberia. Life did not improve at the camp without water, food, or a place to sleep. B-Face sang with his friends to pass time and entertain. Life was hard but he still had a sense of who he was and held onto the dream of becoming a famous singer.

In 2001, his family was able to leave the Refugee camp and settle in the United States. They lived in New York for a month before moving to the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Coming to the U.S. was a great opportunity. Not too many kids his age were able to escape the war in Liberia.

In 2004, B-Face started his career as a rapper/singer when he met a co-worker. He wrote a song to a beat given to him by a co-worker. He was taken into the studio where he laid his first track. It came easy to him and the writing and singing hasn’t stopped since. Local venues have been treated to his smooth voice. He currently writes and produces in Minneapolis, MN where other great talented artists have gotten their start. B-Face says, “Music lives in me, I live in music.” Watch for more soulful tracks from this Urban/R&B singer.

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