Lucas Dulac

Orlando, Florida.

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Lucas Dulac is a self realized multi talented artist. He was born in Lyon, France in 1991.
Today Lucas is a passionnante photographer, musician and filmmaker.
He was part of the Snap! 2011 Local talent group show exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art. The show was on display in the Martin and Gracia Andersen Lakeview Promenade of OMA., in wich he showcased his New York Reflections (see the "Reflecting On New York" series).
One year later he was part of the 2012 “URBAN WILD” Exhibit at Snap! Orlando as a main exhibitor showcasing his New York reflections (see Snap! Orlando 2012 “URBAN WILD” Exhibit). And nowadays has a permanent Exhibition at Jai Gallery, a contemporary art gallery located in Orlando, Florida.

He was the lead singer & songwriter for his Funk-Rock band the Daffs from 2006 to 2010, during wich he explored the local Lyon music scene, and ended up signing on the French electronic music label Apostat as Luky U, under wich he started his expérimental hip-hop and lounge music productions. (visit "" for his latest Album)

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