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Mark Chesak is an editor specializing in long form documentaries, with 30 years experience that includes promo production, independent film and experimental video. Mark’s editing credits include: "Crash of Flight 111" for NOVA, "Dangerous Prescription" for Frontline, "Surviving Mars" for the Discovery Channel, plus numerous shows for History Channel, NAT GEO, NBC Sports, as well as the DIY Network.

Along with work in broadcast television, Mark is also an Avid Certified Instructor and Adobe Premiere Pro trainer and has taught editing to students from varied backgrounds, countries and news organizations such as: CNN Middle East Bureau, Al Jazeera America, Fort Bragg’s Kennedy School of Special Warfare as well as to members of the White House Communications staff. He is also an adjunct professor at Boston University and Emerson College, and has taught classes at The Maine International Film Television Workshops, Future Media Concepts and at Harvard University’s Department of Visual and Environmental Studies.

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