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I was born in Milan in 1982,
I have always dreamed to become a fireman, so when I got to the right age I’ve joined a school that could satisfy my curiosity about Chemistry and Biology.
But, as you might know, a teenager’s dream can change and be forgotten, and so, when I was seventeen, I left the school to work in a theatre, doing differnt jobs (from being a factotum ‘till becoming director of two different shows.)
I archived my arduous Chemistry qualification and I tried to join the “Cinema e nuovi media” School of Cinema and Media to attend the Cartoon course, but in that year the course could not start ‘cause of the small number of students, so, I enrolled at the Directing course.
I graduated in Directing with Cinema an TV techniques and I’ve begun to work with various advertisement studios (such as Mercurio Cinematografica, Orlando Film, Filmmaster, Flying Film, and many others) as assistant director and executive producer assistant.
At the same time I worked as an independent filmmaker directing five short movies and some music video clips.
In 2006 I started studying 3D animation techniques, motion graphics and stop motion.
I’ve left the advertisment productions and I’m currently working as a freelance animator, with 3D animation, stop motion and motion graphics.

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