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  1. bobsacha

    bobsacha Plus new york


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    Bob Sacha is a director, cinematographer, editor, teacher and photographer and, above all, a collaborator on visual journalism projects. In 2014 he shot the video for the Guardian US team project that won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, a National Emmy for New Approaches to News and Documentary…

  2. Adam Westbrook

    Adam Westbrook London, UK


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    I'm a freelance multimedia producer creating short documentaries and motion graphic animations for publishers, charities, think-tanks and businesses. I also make lots of film for personal projects.

  3. Andrew Maclean

    Andrew Maclean New York, NY


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    I am passionate about the world of video production and seek to work in collaborative teams to produce informative and interesting videos. I'm skilled at shooting and editing, but I've found the part of production that I really enjoy is the project management and coordination of productions.…

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