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Su Yu Hsin, Taipei Taiwan 1989

Her oeuvre contains text, drawing, film and space installation. The artistic creation focus on autobiography. To extract from personal experience, she works on self-therapy and documents the process through film. Diary, drawing and film provide the second perspective. Through the loss of orientation, she was absorbed in examining the past.

The landscape changes with the weather ;and the situation of artificial space changes with human emotions. The psychological landscape she creates in artificial space projects social relations. The translation to space installation invites the participants for third dialogue.


台灣臺北 1989

現居於臺北從事視覺藝術創作,創作媒材從文字、繪畫、錄像至空間裝置。創作專注於自傳體小說,藉由個人的情感經驗,進行自我心理治療,並以影像記錄治療過程。日記、繪畫、影像,構成第二視角的關注。透過空間的移動(遠離原處),構成時間上的懸擱(temps suspendu),(於他處)關注於過去的時間事件檢視。


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