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SrMundo is a non-profit association in defense of the seventh art! Guerrillas in the mist of the industry! The first piece "Sinceramente" (2006), was Official selection at the Short Film Festivals of Los Angeles and Budapest 2007 and at Rodinia, Vallodolid 2009 in Spain. Other pieces include "Stephanie" (2006) only for web viewing, "The Bike" (2007) Official selection at Curtocircuito SCQ Int Short Film Festival Spain 2008 and Cineuropa 08. "You look ridiculous in that Makeup" (2007), Official selection Filminho Film Festival, Portugal 2008 and at Encuentros 08, Spain. Then comes "Hundredsofmatches..."(2009) a highly experimental piece. "1" and "2"(2010) only for web viewing and "Neggy meets Sammy" (2010) Animation in 2D, Official selection at Curtocircuito VII SCQ Int Short Film Festival Spain, Cans VII Short film Festival and at Please feel free to find out more at

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