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Chris Ullens is a Belgian director born in wonderful 1980. He lives and works in London.

He loves his wife, stop-motion, human error and anything playful. And now, happily ever after, he'll continue experimenting with his multi-disciplinary background in order to find fresh, new, weird and exciting projects.

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  5. Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
  6. Jerrold Chong
  7. Milo Caliri
  8. Jamie Caliri
  9. Jonathan Hopkins
  10. Philip Evans
  11. Lernert & Sander
  12. Ewan Jones Morris
  13. Sebastian Freudenschuss
  14. Dylan Southern
  15. Shunsuke Saito
  16. kanahebi
  17. Meindbender
  18. Yoshihide Sodeoka

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  1. Hey guys, any chance the film would come out online someday? Would absolutely love to see it as i missed it on the festival circuit... All best!