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Chris Ullens is a Belgian director born in wonderful 1980. He lives and works in London.

He loves his wife, stop-motion, cameras, human error, anything playful and his dogs Napoleon and Archie. He's happy about that and with his few awards under the arm, he will now happily ever after continue experimenting with his multi-disciplinary skills in order to find fresh, new, weird and exciting projects!


  1. Bonnie Anthony
  2. Tell No One
  3. Will Joines
  4. the Butchers
  5. Electric Theatre Collective
  6. Jamie Durand
  7. sap
  8. James Street
  9. James Lovick
  10. Koji Yamamura
  11. Girafeo
  12. Paul Johnson
  14. Salvatore Murgia
  15. Jack Whiteley
  16. Vienna Pitts
  17. Marcus Armitage
  18. Sam Mullins

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