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Josh Binder was born and raised in Evanston IL. He started drawing in kindergarden, then making short movies in middle school, painting with acrylics in high school, and finally received a Bachelors of Arts in Film and Video from Columbia College in Chicago. Making his way as a house painter, he takes every opportunity to do more creative jobs in mural, film, and graphic design.  In his own time he creates intricate and evocative oils on canvas, and outlandish comedies. 

Artist Statement: 
I'm obsessed with surrealism because it allows me to create anything I imagine, yet challenges my representational skills.  I see the world full of drama and comedy and I strive to represent a small portion of that dark and humorous subject matter in vibrant colors and rich detail. The end goal is to create art that is beautiful - simply because I enjoy beautiful things - but my concept of beauty is a balance of perfection and flaws. Creating something beautiful is an addictive and rewarding experience for me. 

Firemen save lives, but artists make life worth saving.

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