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Intellectual Technology, Inc. (ITI) specializes in providing innovative hardware and software system integration, as well as printing and delivery solutions to motor vehicle agencies throughout North America. Also, ITI has over 20 years experience in developing self-service solutions focusing on motor vehicle agencies. ITI is based in Carlsbad, California, with offices located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Carson City, Nevada.

Product design and development is customized to fit each jurisdiction’s individual need. Our unique solutions are provided on a cost per use basis, eliminating up front capital outlays because you pay on a per transaction basis for issued documents only.

ITI solutions feature customer-driven product and system designs for the real-time printing of vehicle registration decals and renewals, duplicate vehicle registration renewals, drivers license renewals, driver history records, insurance reinstatements, and all associated forms and decals. ITI systems use blank stock for forms and decals reducing the need for manual audits and inventory control. The blank stock is an additional security feature because it is virtually useless without the special print ribbons used by ITI.

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