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Melbourne, Australia

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I live in Melbourne, Australia and make web and broadcast animation for fun and (occasionally) profit.

My best known works are a short animated film called "Herman, The Legal Labrador", starring (the voice of) Shaun Micallef, an animated opener for non-animated Australian TV program "The Panel" and a nice music video called "The Happiest Boy" for the Bedroom Philosopher.

I'm also the writer/artist of a sporadically self-published comic book called "Nakedfella Comics".

I work as an animator, illustrator and storyboard artist. Lately I've worked on TV animation projects for companies such as Zactoons, Viskatoons, BigKidz Entertainment and Studio Moshi.

In collaboration with Viskatoons and Puffafish, my company Cop Action Video is currently developing the awesome animated cop show "The Precinct".

More about David and Nakedfella Productions (my silly business name), including much toony work thereof, is available at the website: nakedfella.com.

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