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Pantelis Pantelopoulos

Born in Athens where he lives and works.
He studied Graphic Arts, Engraving and Screen Printing.
Ηis artistic activity explores fields beyond the established Contemporary Art System. These fields include installations with visual action, projections, screenprinting and painting.

Solo exhibitions in Greece:

2002 Bar BOOZE gallery, Athens
1994 INTERZONE Bar gallery, Athens
1985 PRAXIS gallery, Iraklio, Crete
1983 DADA gallery, Athens
1982 ORA gallery, Athens
1981 ORA gallery, Athens

Solo exhibitions abroad:

1982 ALTEN RATHAUS gallery, Frankfurt Germany

Groupexhibitions in Greece:

2010 CHEAP ART No 16 - Athens
2009 CHEAP ART No 15 - Athens
2007 Local Painters of Partheni (Participation with
painting works and with the Performance
"Applicaciones de Locomotiva" which was visual
real time landscapes based on the speech and action
of Stelios Tziritas) in Partheni, Arcadia, Greece
2006 ANATHENA, Participation with painting works,
Deste Foundation, Athens
2005 FOURNOS, “Everything will be ok”, projections with
the band Zero People
2002 BOOZE Bar gallery, visual istallation
of "METATOPIA" Athens
2001 e-fos, 3rd International Film and New Media Art
Festival, Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens
Participation with the visual istallation
1997 Painting and Comics (organised by Vavel magazine)
at Technopolis, Athens
1993 ILEANA TOUNTA gallery, installation of complete
video action with the musician Spryros Faros in shows
of K.SY.M.E
1987 EVMAROS gallery, “Painting and Comics”,
Vavel magazine, Athens

Group exhibitions abroad:
2003 Aachen, Never Ordner, Painting, Germany

Participation in Video Art Festivals
Strange Screen 8 Experimental Film and Video Art Festival
2009 "KI SANO TERRA" at Synch Festival,Athens
2009 "KI SANO TERRA" at the "Saligia" Group Show,
Booze Cooperativa, Athens
2008 "KI SANO TERRA", Athens Video Art Festival,
Strange Screen 7 Experimental Film and
Video Art Festival
2007 "Σκεφτομαι αρα δεν υπαρχεις"/"I think therefore
you don't exist" Athens Video Art Festival

Other Activities
2005 Science fiction novels' illustration in the
comics magazine "9", of the
He also designs and constructs various objects and creates silkscreened t-shirts


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