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Michael Murrie specializes in Location Audio Recording/Mixing and Sound Design for film.

Michael can include these project films as part of his credentials: “Sadermania”. vimeo.com/16160428. It's a documentary about Hulk Hogan's biggest fan turned best friend, (location audio and post production), as well as a documentary for independent record stores in Chicago (vimeo.com/9396965). He has broad experience in location audio from his time at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, with extensive projects at CBS Studios in Chicago. Also a recent internet commercial called "UpOnGreen-Eco Profiles". (vimeo.com/14227910) As well as a commercial with Media House (mediahousellc.com) zookie.com/home.aspx?v=1

2010-2011 was a busy year for Mike with projects such as being a PA for "Transformer 3" filmed in Chicago, a Boom Op. for 3-D feature "Shakey" filmed in Chicago and Naperville. Being a team player and having fun capturing the best quality sound on a production is Mike's Passion and goal for this amazing industry.
Most recient projects include:
- “First 48 Missing Persons” 2011 Found Films (A&E) (Location Recording Mixer / Boom Operator)
- Harpo Studios 2011 “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” (A2 Audio Dept/ Sound Mixer)

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