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Los Angeles–based brothers-in-arms, Rob and Christian Clayton, are a team who’s intensely layered and heavily symbolic tableaus serve as an intimate communication tool between themselves and the outside world. Acting together in the kind of tightly orchestrated but, totally unpremeditated way that can only result from sharing a blood bond, the art-making pair work in seamless unison to channel a collaborative vision deeply rooted in the visual traditions of folk and outsider art, and tempered by the sensibilities of punk, German expressionism, and the genuine naiveté of children’s art.

Process is key to the inseparable childhood companions who view their joint art studio as yet another “shared bedroom,” and they place a premium on the tandem experience of constructing their bold imagery. The results are an unending stream of graphic narratives that begin and end as easily as a verbal conversation, with each brother intuitively starting, elaborating on, and finishing shared works in a sort of visual call-and-response session. Heavy use of symbolic elements as allegorical cues is a constant theme, and color is like lifeblood to the work.

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