rosie haber

los angeles, california.

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Hatched in rainy Portland, Oregon, Rosie Haber is filmmaker who has been based in Southeast Asia for the last three years. Her films deal with the potent themes of ripe adolescent sexuality, desire in restrictive locales, and the painful aspects of family. A recent graduate of New York University Tisch Asia and a Global Social Change Fellow, she has been focused on making international films to explore the ways in which common human experiences connect people across borders. She has shot films in the United States, Bolivia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Her most recent film is a quirky comedy exploring the misadventures of a Singaporean lesbian couple who own a vintage store and try out polyamory - with disastrous results. She is dedicated to making a brand of urgent cinema that portrays authentic human experience.

A 2013 Outfest Screenwriting Lab Fellow, she is working to develop her feature length script, Soledad.


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