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As a filmmaker, I specialize in directing and writing. Having undertaken a BA honours degree at Edinburgh Napier University in Photography & Film, I possess an advantageous knowledge of camera operation to assist in my visualisation of a project and to liaise with a crew effectively. My strengths lie in my creative ideas, and my passion for writing- particularly character driven pieces of work. I believe having a background in acting and stage theatre extends my communication and interpretation skills. Having worked on film and theatre I acquire a large contact list of semi to professional actors. I also have skills in storyboarding, researching and running rehearsals and workshops to develop ideas. My personality demonstrates charisma, enthusiasm and a motivational attitude. I find that from experience, I value a strong relationship between the director and producer and have found this friendship to be effective in all stages of production, keeping the operations side and creative entwined.

My professional achievements include collaborating with the Chinese Peoples Association and Beijing Film School to create five documentary shorts as an exchange project. This received the attention of MSP Alex Salmond who featured in the short film I directed. Others include having my own written short play recently performed and directed by industry professionals to an audience at the Traverse Theatre. In addition, I co-directed a comedic parody show performed by the University Drama Society which sold the most tickets in the society’s history and involved a cast and crew of more than 30.