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Ye Mimi is a Taiwanese poet and filmmaker. A graduate of the MFA Creative Writing Department at Dong Hwa University and the MFA Film Department at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she is the author of two volumes of poetry and has internationally exhibited several of her poetry films. Through collaging her words and images, she improvises a new landscape trying to erase the border between poetry and image making. Most recently, a bilingual chapbook of her poems was published by Anomalous Press under the title His Days Go by the Way Her Years.

葉覓覓,東華大學創作與英語文學研究所、芝加哥藝術學院電影創作藝術碩士。專注於夢世界更勝於醒世界。有時拍攝影像詩,有時被影像拍成詩。著有詩集《漆黑》、《越車越遠》以及中英對照小詩冊《His Days Go by the Way Her Years》(美國Anomalous Press出版)。

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