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after collecting images for years and years, I need now some inspiration to transform them in something that I can call a short cut or something else...not really telling a story or making any sense to me now, they are simply little moments that are captured though my Super 8...some very personal...others just freezing little moments of silence, faces in the crouwd or some passions of mine...I promise very soon to share them with all of you...


  1. One Day on Earth
  2. GoncaloPola
  3. Danas Kučinskas
  4. tiago rosado
  5. ikonoklash
  6. Hortelã Magenta
  7. Bona Fide
  8. Robbin Mazurel
  9. Teo Karakatsanis
  10. Paul Frederick
  11. luismonteiro
  12. Blake Whitman
  13. Patrick Lawler
  14. Adrien M / Claire B
  15. Michael McWeeney
  16. Juneteenth Works
  17. Tom Lindsay
  18. Joerg Barton

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