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Louisville, Ky

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Michèle Larocque’s career in photography began at the age of ten using the family Instamatic camera to capture gritty icicles formed in the culvert of a muddy ditch. It was a life defining moment.
Her subjects are as varied as her interests, “it’s a big world and I want to know all of it.”
Never bored, always looking, she trains her lens on places, people, objects and the stories they tell no matter where she finds herself. 
A lover of interesting food “I’ll try almost anything twice”, the old and worn, the new and shinny, diverse cultures, time honored and new ways of doing things, she lives to know and ask questions.
She graduated from Dawson College School of Photography, in Montréal, Quebec.
She works in still images for print and web applications, as well as film.
Her  images have been selected for the cover art of several books of poetry and have appeared in Blood Orange Review, The Single Hound, The Glass Coin, Blood Lotus Journal and others.

She lives and works in Louisville, Kentucky.

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