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  1. I really liked the graphics and the arrangement. i feel like you could have verbally explained what was going on in the video a bit better and what we are gaining and achieving by this progressive part learning.
  2. i like this video. the author was very creative. the graphics lead you strait to the subject. i didn't really the music because it doesn't support the message here.the examples were relevant to what was being say.
  3. The music was ok, and the video was good too.. I was a bit strained in the eyes when reading the font however, i Understand progressive - part learning. It was kinda funny too. Brittany Ayala
  4. I think this is a great video because it teaches how to shoot a free throw (which is harder than it looks) by using Progressive-Part Learning so I got to learn two things in one video! Great Job on the editing too!
  5. overall i liked the video! the music was good and the visuals were great as well, however, when it comes to the information in it, the info is a little bit unclear and should be provides with more clarity. but still i liked the video!