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In the spring of 2014, Oberlin College created a new policy on financial aid without consulting students, reducing financial aid for students who eat or live in OSCA / have cheaper meal plans / live off campus / etc. This had huge implications for who would be able to attend the school, especially because any savings garnered by working in a coop, eating less CDS meals, and living off campus will be negated by smaller financial aid packages. Many of us worried that we would no longer be able to attend Oberlin because of this. As students, we were unwilling to accept this change; currently, this policy has been postponed indefinitely pending the release of the new strategic plan.

In the spring of 2015, Oberlin College announced its intention to increase tuition for the 2015-2016 academic year by almost $2,500. This hike fits within a pattern of increases which has seen Oberlin's tuition grow by over $15,000 in the last nine years! Oberlin students have again come together under the banner of financial accessibility to speak out against the tuition hike as well as other inaccessibility issues on this campus, such as workers' rights, anti-Blackness, and oppression of Oberlin community members.

DOFA's facebook group can be found here: facebook.com/groups/1423903337918241/

A more-detailed breakdown of Oberlin's financial inaccessibility can be found here: fearlessandloathing.com/2015/04/financial-accessibility-at-oberlin-college-part-one/

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