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Since I had a computer I knew that it would be with me during my life.

I'm graduated in Computer Engineering, studied several master's degree of cg, illustration and design. For years I´ve worked as Director of Art at advertising agencies, web designer, teacher of design, developer and marketing …

Some day I discovered the 3D world, specially the way to create games and movies, and since this day I'm doing my best to be a part of this amazing Industry.

These years I've been involved in a wide variety of projects, such as supervisor of rigging and animation for a TV series and some short films.

I've been the head of Scrums, which also helped me to develop management skills.
Currently I´m working as Director, Executive Producer, Game Designer, Technical Artist and Engineer of a project called "Dogchild" in my own independent studio in Madrid, called "Animatoon" .


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