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My art is beautifully illegal,
it is a force that keeps moving and discovering my identity on earth.
Raul Trejo~ I was born in San Pedro Caro, Michoacán, Mexico. I was exposed to music
and crafts at an early age. That is where my passion for the arts began, and where I received my basic education. At the age of twenty I migrated to the United States as my father had also done before. We
were looking for a dream. After I relocated to the US in 1984 began attending the North
Orange County Regional Occupational Program, in Anaheim, California. While there I studied, photography, camera basics, prepress, print shop, as well silk-screening. In addition, I also attended the following
colleges: Cypress College, Palomar College, Coleman College, furthering my knowledge and experience in air-brushing, typography, photography, graphic design multimedia.I have been living in San Marcos, California since 1999. Apart for the passion for my crafts, my family is very important as they have inspired me along my artistic journey. My art is also about feeling good and having fun. It is about making people happy reflecting the richness of Mexican folk art, makes me content and inspired.



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