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I enjoy making films, I haven't made a feature yet but I've been making short films since my sophomore year in high school and music videos before that. I hope to someday be a filmmaker who not only makes short films but also feature length films and music videos as well. I also someday hope to be an actress, musician, photographer, fashion designer, and within film I would love to be an editor, cinematographer, and costume designer. Editing is where my heart is in film, mainly because I started out with my twin sister just making music videos to our favorite songs but you would always find me in my room hours later editing... I love every minute of the film making process and that's a huge thanks to my high school cinema/theatre teacher and her classes. I recently graduated high school so I will have quite the bit of time on my hands to make new short-films hopefully this summer, so I hope you enjoy my work and sometimes our work (my sister Ivana does a lot of film work with me) and thank your for coming along for the ride.

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