Shake The Forest

Nashville, TN

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Shake the Forest is the culmination of nearly two decades of friendship and experience between bassist/vocalist Joe Schneider, guitarist Todd Bond and drummer Joe Ennis. All Nashville natives, they were exposed to a wide variety of music and began playing at a young age. Joe Ennis and Todd Bond formed their first band together when they were ten years old and two years later, Ennis and Schneider began a musical relationship that would span a decade with several original projects.

After Joe Ennis and Todd connected again in December of 2012 and began writing music, they soon added Joe Schneider and Shake the Forest was realized. In August of 2013, the band completed their first EP, Random Rooms. With high energy live shows and electric songwriting, Shake the Forest strives to unite listeners with music that is fun and danceable while also thoughtful, soulful, and rocking.

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