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Shagpile consists of Jason Vare .. an independant singer/songwriter who lives in the Northeast of the UK... and his old friend the Acoustic Guitar.

Shagpile has Two solo albums under his belt which have been released worldwide across the internet in most online stores including iTunes,Amazon,HMV,Napster and CDBaby and is currently working on his Third which will be available towards the end of this year..

Shagpile performs across the country playing live shows to anyone and everyone to get his music out there and has had the chance to share the stage with some renowned and brilliant artists ...

With flavors of Lamontagne to James Morrison and the Beatles, Shagpile's tunes evoke the deep emotions that are within us all.

Authentic and acoustic with lyrics that take us where we want to be – Shagpile crafts songs that you’ll keep for a long time. Listening to the tunes is a creative detour from the ordinary that you’ll not soon forget. Shaggy makes music that is as smooth as it is sincere, and if you miss it –you’ll be sorry.

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