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  1. DSLR Mods and Pimps

    by Benjamin Sherriff

    165 Videos / 440 Members

    A Group for videos that contain DSLR video rigs from home made mods to the highly expensive pimps and tech hacks. Please only add videos that feature DSLRs that have been modified in some way. Thanks…

  2. Canon Rebel T2i - EOS 550D

    by Picture America

    1,651 Videos / 389 Members

    Canon Rebel T2i • EOS 550D

  3. ikan HDSLR Revolution Short Film Contest 2010

    by ikan

    26 Videos / 258 Members

    The past year has been a revolutionary year in digital filmmaking. HDSLR cinematography has swept through the industry and continues changing the game. And ikan has been there from the beginning.…

  4. HF S10/100 Users

    by Kyle Shields

    414 Videos / 189 Members

    This group is for everyone who uses or owns an HF S10 or HF S100. All types, kinds, and genres of videos that are shot with the HF S10/100 are welcome. Join today! www.vimeo.com/kyleshields

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