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Kofi Zwana is an award winning commercials director. Originally born in Zimbabwe, Kofi spent time living in South America and eventually settled back in South Africa where he pursued his film career. Having graduated from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance in 2008, he immediately began directing commercials under the production company 7Films. In his short career, he has won a Cannes Bronze Lion Award in 2014, a Silver Loerie Award in 2014 and another Silver Loerie in 2012, Creative Circle Ad of the Month in 2012, Best Cinematography and Best Script at the South African TAG Awards in 2011, Gold in the International Sports Advertising Awards in 2009. His documentary short “Unlearning Violence” was selected as part of the Encounters Film Festival 2013 and his photography has been exhibited in France, the United Kingdom, The United States, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Kofi is currently in development with his first feature documentary "The Sound of Masks", which has received the IDFA award for Most Promising Documentary during the Durban Film Mart 2014 and has received development funding from the National Film and Video Foundation of South Africa (NFVF).

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