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Isabella Bordoni was born in Rimini in 1962, currently lives in Rimini and Milan. Poet, author and performer, visual and sound artist, she began her artistic life in the mid-80s, in the European scene of the performing and electronic arts. Attentive to the relationship between word, voice, sound and scene, IB signed since 1985 - first as founder and artistic director of "Giardini Pensili", and after 2000 in its own name and/or "IB_Project for the Arts" - texts, concept, dramaturgy, direction of work for installation, performance, theater, radio and media. IB is also involved in social science of art as independent curator and teacher. In 2001 she introduced the terms "poetry.scapes" and "poetic citizenship" to collect the theories and artistic practices that she put in place, strategies and tactics of cultural studies with poetry.

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