Julian Scherle

Los Angeles

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Who is Julian?
"Everything started with me
abusing my parents piano and recording the results
with my moms tape machine.
23 years later some things changed,
and some haven't.
I am still obsessed with those same weird and beautiful sounds,
I still get excited when I explore new ways to create them
and still fascinated by finding a way to put them into a bigger context."

I am a German-born, Los Angeles-based composer, songwriter,
producer, and all around sound addict.
After getting a degree in sound engineering and with 20 years
of education in piano, singing, jazz guitar, saxophone,
I relocated to Los Angeles. I now work with film composer
Klaus Badelt in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. If I am not
in the studio you can probably find me sneaking
around with my recorder,
or in the water attempting
to find the perfect
wave to surf.

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