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Zach is a survivor of childhood cancer. Treatment of the smooth muscle cancer at the base of his brain left him with a child-like physique, stunting his growth, but not his creativity.

Since this incident, he has dedicated his life to being the best he can be at his passion and profession – Art.

Zach’s talent as a visual artist was recognized in elementary school. In middle school, he became acquainted with filmmaking and multimedia production, an interest that continued to grow over the years. In high school, he explored acting and, towards the end of high school, he turned back to filmmaking where he could combine both his illustrative and theatrical talents. He capped his formal education with two degrees in filmmaking.

Zach continues to advance himself professionally and independently, with a focus in video editing, cinematography & lighting, illustration, and graphic art. His personal work's inspiration is mainly from his own life experience, but also from the stylings of Stanley Kubrick, Charlie Kaufman, Joel and Ethan Coen, Darren Aronofsky, Guy Ritchie, and Alfred Hitchcock.


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