Paper Cuts

Amsterdam / London / New York

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This piece is the first collaboration between artists Mandy Smith and Hal Kirkland. What began as a simple creative sit-down in an Amsterdam bar soon manifested into the 3.8-meter behemoth it is today.

Mandy had always been disturbed by the idea of capital punishment since she was young and had begun to play with the idea of creating a series of deadly devices while juxtaposing them with the fragility and beauty of paper art. Hal suggested creating one at full-size, transforming the piece into a sculpture that allowed paper art – an art form usually too delicate to touch – to become inherently interactive. Both artists unified their craft, interactive skills sets and before long Paper Cuts was born.

The collaboration also included Random Studios, a technology and creative studio based in Amsterdam who works collaboratively with their clients to engage and fascinate audiences by creating innovative interactive experiences.

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