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Traverse City, MI

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  1. Nick Twomey commented on RAM
    Great video Ram! So proud of who you are and what you do. Way to go friend!
  2. If the message of the gospel is about anything, it is about HOPE. Thank you for bringing the love of Jesus and HOPE in tangible, sustainable ways to people precious to God. Join Orchard Africa in this amazing work. Pray. Give. BE a person of…
  3. Oh the slides and a PERFECT song choice. I want to join God in making beautiful things! Join Orchard Africa in helping to make beautiful things happen to those most in need.
  4. Nick Twomey commented on Opportunity
    I LOVE what Orchard Africa is doing! Having been with Mike and Michelle Tessendorf in S. Africa, I have seen first hand the organization--and the heart behind it--that they have built. Using local leaders to bring long-term solutions, Orchard Africa…
  5. Way to go Mike and Mike Staff Productions! I hope EVERYONE books you guys for weddings and special events! You guys rock!!