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Giorgia Conceição is a Brazilian performer and art researcher, who works with contemporary languages that make use of the body and image production as propellers for creation. She works in solo projects, as well as in collaborations with other artists. She is one of the founders and a member of Companhia Silenciosa (Silent Company). Her most recent researches approach performance as a potential field for erotica. The political scope of her work is about to escape the logic of the authority’s eye, by means of joy and pleasure, where hermeneutics and interpretation are relativized by the rise of erotica.
The body as a privileged place for thinking and for esthetic propositions. The concepts of burla and anthropophagy merge themselves into a performance that reviews and re-creates possible brazilities. Starting from a genealogy of burlesque, she discusses the New Burlesque movement (mainly characterized by performances in which female body and gender are both subject and object). The discussion aims to emphasize the political/performatic potential of such phenomenon – which has spread in both alternative and popular culture – but also to question some of the inner contradictions of its discourse (e.g. the use of the word ‘new’, to begin with). This field opens up gaps where it is possible to create dissonant sexualities, performative languages, and intriguing relationships between artists and audiences. It also builds a path where cultural information can be read and explored. It fosters (and arises) physical and/or virtual spaces for connecting people, mediae and meanings, through affections and desires that deviate from standard behaviors and identities.
Giorgia Conceição was born in Curitiba and lives between Curitiba and Salvador, where she develops her latest productions and researches. She is having her Master’s Degree from UFBA’s (Federal University of Bahia) Performing Arts Department, where she performs a research starting from a geography of the burlesque body, to study burla, erotica, and performance. Some of her most recent works are: El Gran Cabaret Porno, a project sponsored by Rumos Itaú Cultural Teatro (2011-2012); Tecnomaravilha (2010), in which she worked as maker, performer, and costume designer; Simpatia Full Time, which was funded by program Rumos Itaú Cultural Dance Program 2009/2010 and by Klauss Vianna Funding for Dance (from Funarte – national Art Foundation, 2008), as creator, performer, costume designer and graphic designer; Burlescas, sponsored by Myriam Muniz Funding for Theater Production (from Funarte, 2008), in which she worked as maker, director, and performer; and the performance/visual arts project Walesa Iconográfica: as aventuras de uma garota nos centros da cidade (Iconographic Walesa: the adventures of a girl in the city centers).

Giorgia Conceição é artista brasileira e trabalha com linguagens contemporâneas que têm o corpo e a produção de imagens como propulsores para a criação. Produz trabalhos solo, em colaboração com outros artistas e pela Companhia Silenciosa (Curitiba, Paraná), da qual é uma das fundadoras. É mestranda em Artes Cênicas pelo PPGAC da Universidade Federal da Bahia, onde desenvolve uma pesquisa sobre a burla e o burlesco na performance. 

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