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I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1974. When I was old enough I attended the Independent College of Art and Design and followed that up with a further post grad year at the Victorian College of the Arts.
Then I went to Tasmania for nearly 10 years to write, direct and edit television commercials.
In 2006 I set off for London where I mostly worked for Uli Meyer Animation, working as a story artist and gag man on the feature film Monstermania! being produced at the studio.

As of 2009, I've completed 9 Boxhead and Roundhead short animated films. They've been in circulation at film festivals and winning awards all over the world since 2006.
While in London, I worked on several music videos with McKeown/Devita Productions, and the "cave painting" sequence animation on a trailer for designer and director Neil Ross called The Blue Man.
I am now living in New York City, complete with legal working documents, a social security number and a beautiful wife, just like a big boy.

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