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Vj Loops, Professional Mapping Projection & 3D Mapping, Vj sessions, Stage Design, Interactivity, Motion Graphics & Photography. I´m a self-taught Free Lancer based in Madrid.

Free Vj loops (download allowed), feel free to download and use them as you want!! Just contact me and tell me about your idea, please

I also sell Professional Loops for the VJ´s community around the world. That´s why you will see some kind of "Video Advertisement" on my stream from time to time. If are interested in purchasing some of my Vj Packs have a look here:
Resolume: resolume.com/footage/hallucinogene
VideoHive: videohive.net/user/catmac/portfolio.
Vj Loops: vjloops.com/index.php?user=8144&portfolio=1
Pond5: pond5.com/artist/Catmac

Available for hiring and teaching.
BOOKING & PROJECTS: fernandezdiaz@gmail.com

web: vjcatmac.com
facebook: facebook.com/pages/Vj-Catmac/422371917865875?fref=ts
tel 00 34 661 132 980

If you use the Tip Jar you´ll make me happy ;) and therefore I could afford the Pro annual subscription


Vj Catmac decided to discontinue his doctoral studies in the Psychology of Perception in order to immediately begin generating visual material and share his passion with those who attend his sessions.
He began in 2007 by projecting visuals at night onto the buildings adjacent to his Madrid studio, to the great surprise of the people passing by. Thereafter, he began touring the scene in Madrid, performing at underground events and at private parties. Vj Catmac has also worked on small and large-scale 3D-Mapping projects, but he has dedicated most of his time specializing in the creation of a personal visual language. This unconventional project retains all the elements necessary in order to elicit the esoteric synergy between image, movement and sound.

The main source of inspiration are both natural landscapes and organic forms. Digital techniques also arise the creation of abstract-geometric shapes with minimalist look and it can be said that both decisive influence in my work. Inspiration, for me, is a process that is part of the flow of life, therefore, is subject to change and constant modifications without a specific purpose, but with a clear pattern of development. This process shows the evolutions of how I learn techniques and visual discourses, as well as research on the problems posed by self-perception and the way I conceive life.


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