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With “education for all” as a global vision, Mike Seifert is a specialist with education at The Pacific Institute. A background in brand development and marketing allows Mike to provide a wider view as he works with leaders in the field of education, as well as business, to provide the discipline and skills of mind management. The ultimate goal: Enrich, enhance and support people around the globe, to create A Better World.

Mike’s focus is to develop effective strategies and create team alliances that go beyond traditional models. By employing technology, the vision is to provide global access to The Pacific Institute’s PX2® education, and set in motion a positive change in the quality of education. Ultimately, the emotional intelligence of the world will rise to meet the challenges they face. Currently, the TPI education has benefited hundreds of thousands of people around the world, teaching them the discipline and skills of managing their minds.

Building positive, effective, lasting change for future generations will require leading edge mental technologies of today. The overall effect of this global education will raise the quality of life for all, and increase our collective efficacy to solve the global challenges facing our children and grandchildren.


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