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  1. Drone Reportage
  2. Mario Giua Marassi
  3. Drew Geraci (District 7 Media)
  4. Untitled Film Works
  5. Alberto Simone
  6. Michael Scholl
  7. Lily Williams
  8. IN2 Focus Media
  9. Laura Scatena - VIDEOGRAPHER
  10. MontPhoto
  11. Luca Bracali
  12. Nino Del Duca
  13. Paul Wex
  14. Joe Louw
  15. TRIP
  16. LE BOOK
  17. StoryTravelers
  18. Shark Angels

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  1. AWESOME! BELLISSIMO ! Brava Liesel!
  2. Francesca N. Manca commented on TIME
    Bellissimo! Beautiful! Thank You Liesel Kershoff! Watching your video, I breathed again the emotions that I feel every time I am in South Africa. My Magical land …