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Started Researching and Educating myself on video/Film production, Bought some Video equipment and created some lighting and dollyies/cranes, working towards making shorts and features. Wrote several script that always could use some reworked.

I have done several weddings so I can play with my toys, Trying to get a Crew together in La Crosse to start doing some scripted movies. It's been a slow process but I enjoy almost all aspects of making this moving art.

Hopefully I can work with some of your talent in the future.


I have a Canon HXA1 HD camera, I use Final Cut Express 4 to Edit. Friend of mine borrowed me her photography lights I built a 12' Crane (with manual pan and Tilt) also built dolly PVC track 30' from Builder store materials.

Still need to work on camera techniques and a better Tripod would help, But I appreciate all the video that is posted on Vimeo, hopefully someday I can create something of that quality and originality.

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