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A retelling of Shakespeare's infamous Romeo and Juliet by Cry of Curs theater.

At the Cockpit Marylebone from the 13th-16th of august.

Set in post-apocalypse Verona. This fast paced text driven piece is sure to bring a new light on these two star crossed lovers.

This fresh new production from Cry of Curs brings music, youth and life to Shakespeare's classic tale of love.

Looking for 7 core actors whom are punctual not afraid to take risk and willing to push themselves.

Actors whom can play any instruments would be ideal as this production relies a lot on live music

Actors will need to be physically fit and have some form of stage combat training as this piece is very physically demanding.

Rehearsals will mainly be at weekends to help with actors working in weekdays but as we get closer to production there will be more and more even calls.

"These violent delights have violent ends."

Must be free all day of Saturday 24th May and Sunday 25th May

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