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A film and TV producer with a first look deal at 20th Century Fox, currently developing projects including Ruin, a feature film based on Wes Ball's animated short - and Abe, feature adaption of Rob Mclellan short film set up at MGM- and R'ha, a feature adaption of Kaleb Lechowski's short film being produced with Rick McCallum (Star Wars 1-3)-

Previously helped to launch and served as co-head of the Fox Writers Studio, an incubator program in which established feature writers collaborate to develop projects for 20th Century Fox. Prior to that, spent 6 years working with George Lucas and Rick McCallum to develop Lucasfilm's film and television projects, including the live-action Star Wars TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Red Tails, along with video games and animated features.

Looking for new and experienced filmmakers with interesting shorts that could be brought to the studios and developed as feature films, TV shows, or Web series. Also looking to form collaborative relationships with filmmakers on new projects. Please contact me at if you'd like to recommend a short film you've seen or worked on.


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