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Erik Vision of PHEXIS FILMS
Thank you for visiting PHENIX FILMS.

We at PHENIX FILMS strive to create interesting and unique promotional films. We utilize both aerial and ground video and photography to produce films that set our clients listings apart from the crowd. Complete with a musical score and professional video production, our product is a film that won't soon be forgotten.

Phenix aerial film services will provide a unique view from above to your project or film.

The start of motion from a world of stills, is the next step, with a step off the cliff into the AIR I go.
As in life we are always undergoing change for the good or for the bad. So the next chapter of my life and my work is underway currently in Seattle. Its the combining of the creative world of the imagination and the hard reality of everyday life. Phenix Aerial Imagery is committed to exploring new vantage points on our planet, while smiling, laughing and respecting our privacy.

AERIAL ETIQUETTE would be "Phenix Aerial understands the power of imagery and the potential social and physical dangers. We do not create, retain or distribute in any way any image or information that might be damaging. Phenix Aerial takes seriously the responsibility of discovery with morals. We will not produce media for you if you do not have permission to capture that media. We will not explore air space near or in forbidden air space.

There are so many uses for aerial videos and photographs – for all types of companies and organizations. Whether its for residential or commercial real estate, music videos, off road racing, security and so much more. The use of high-quality Aerial video to produce affordable marketing works of art, the only limits are ones imagination. {C}{C}

Art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power .

Contemporary artist and photographer
22 John ST #35 Seattle Wa. 98109
PH#: 206.588.5576