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I was certified to dive in 1984 at San Carlos Beach in Monterey, California. 30 years later I am sitting at a desk that looks out on the beach I was certified at when I was a teen. Never thought I would move from the Sierra Mountains I grew up in to live on the beach! I spent 15 years jumping out of helicopters into forest fires, working on engine and hand crews and back country law enforcement for the US Forest Service

My passion is underwater videography. Exploring is my passion, love to film in remote places but one of my favorite places to shoot is still at home in Monterey or Carmel Bay. When I lived in the Sierras I did not own a camera so I have very little pictures from the time I worked there, I have recently begun filming in the back country with my Jeep that allows me to haul all of my gear to remote locations.

I work at Backscatter in Monterey, California the premiere underwater photo/video store in the world. If you have any questions send me an email, we are the first to take new cameras underwater and post our findings on our website at

Some of my past projects include filming the Andrea Doria and a section of the ship never before visited for the 50th anniversary PBS special “Secrets of the Dead, Sinking of the Andrea Doria” , I was also asked to film the underwater segments of “Freshwater Seas, Wrecks of the Great Lakes” for Detroit Television. I have worked with the BBC, CBC and CBS on films shot on location here in Monterey Bay.

Never stop exploring!

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