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Assistant Professor in Communication Design. love information design. users. animation. interactive design


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  1. Michele Wong commented on Tums_Rocks
    The zoom feels a bit awkward. Try to match it up with the way Eric zoomed in on his. Maybe zoom less? The bricks can come in much faster. Instead of moving each individual keyframe, you can speed things up by creating a new composition, import an…
  2. Michele Wong commented on QVC
    Sometimes there is a black stroke at the top of the screen that is unevenly cropped. Looks like a mistake
  3. Rachel, I'm going to let you make the last call on this video. :-)
  4. Waves are still moving 200% too fast. Suggest waiting for the ship to sink completely before moving to the next screen with the close up of the octopus. Each tentacle seems to be moving at its own speed as if each were attached to a different body.…