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Los Angeles, CA.

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Born in Black Rock City out of the magic from The Temple Burn in 2008, Smash LeFunk stems from the mind of his equally creative counterpart, Jacopo Campaiola, and has been expertly honing his distinct style of documentation ever since he could pick up a camera.
“Smash LeFunk stirred up a creative side in me that cried out to be unleashed.”
This colorful character’s passion, enthusiasm and creative eyes combine to capture some of the very best in moving images through his unforgettable photography and unique cinematic vision.
In working extensively with Smash, I’ve seen firsthand just how dedicated he is to his craft and clients. His mobile capabilities allow his work to travel the world, while always embodying the true nature of his subjects no matter what setting. From skillfully covering both large-scale and intimate events, plus masterfully manipulating composition in both stills and motion, he never ceases to amaze with his innate ability to exceed his client’s expectations each and every time.
Smash LeFunk specializes in working closely with you to ensure that the imagery you desire is exactly how you envision it to be – and then some! He enjoys cheesy eggs, whiskey and getting lost in a funky riddim…to this, Smash says “yes.”

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