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  1. Kineme Demo

    by Christopher Wright subscribed to

    27 Videos / 197 Followers

  2. Straight Up Animation

    by Fantastic Toaster subscribed to

    298 Videos / 187 Followers

    Breath taking, hair raising, spine tingling, heart stirring, awe inspiring, mind blowing animation.. and such.

  3. POSTmatter.com

    by POSTmatter subscribed to

    8 Videos / 49 Followers

    POSTmatter sits at the convergence of the digital and physical world. Through editorial, exhibitions and art commissions, it celebrates the people and projects that push boundaries.

  4. Bill Domonkos

    by Bill Domonkos subscribed to

    28 Videos / 126 Followers

    Bill Domonkos is a filmmaker, GIF maker and stereoscopist. His work combines 2D and 3D computer animation, special effects, photography, video and manipulated archive film footage. His work has been…

  5. Split Screen Stuff

    by Sam McCready subscribed to

    957 Videos / 2,110 Followers

    We like some Split Screen Stuff. Made some vids. If u like it too, you are WELCOME to add your video here. We can see :)

  6. Colossal

    by Colossal subscribed to

    253 Videos / 435 Followers

    A channel featuring videos found on the Colossal blog, as well as other random visual goodness.

  7. Vision of the Week - Glowing Pictures

    by Glowing Pictures subscribed to

    28 Videos / 56 Followers

    Every week in 2013 Glowing Pictures shares a new Vision; 52 video paintings & performance visuals. Peek the latest Vision of the Week on this channel every weekend. http://www.glowingpictures.com

  8. Iasos - Celestial Music & Visuals

    by Iasos subscribed to

    40 Videos / 5 Followers

    Celestial Music & Visuals created by Iasos


    by interactivedesign.it subscribed to

    1,950 Videos / 440 Followers

    This is the Vimeo Channel of the blog interactivedesign.it The blog is daily updated and is sharing the future about new media, art and technology

  10. ⓨⓤⓜ ⓨⓤⓜ

    by :.: subscribed to

    753 Videos / 111 Followers


  11. Hypnapompic Poetry

    by Film Fr3ak subscribed to

    2 Videos / 2 Followers

    Films that evoke a sense of lucid dreaming. That delicate and beautiful balance of dream and wakefulness between just waking up or falling asleep. So many possibilities there. Such a feeling of love.

  12. Vimeo Staff Picks

    by Vimeo Staff subscribed to

    8,995 Videos / 170K Followers

    We really love videos, and these are the videos we really, really love. All of these videos have been hand picked by the real humans who work at Vimeo. We hope you enjoy them!

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