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The artist Ken-ichi with japanese - german roots, was born in Berlin at the end of sixties.
Ken-ichi lives in Vienna.
During the wild 60ixies his father traveled the oceans around the globe to find his bride of love in Japan. After their marriage the family settled down in Berlin.
His career in the international fashion scene, led Ken-Ichi over the globe with stopovers in the United States, South Africa and other european countries.
As a performer, artist in the audiovisual field, Ken-ichi has been collecting for almost 20 years of experience behind and in front of the camera.
First singing engagements in New York led to his very personal "Repertoire de Luxe" with classics from the blues and jazz in the early 90ies.
While enjoying to perform the good old classic tunes with his own kind of abilities on stage around the globe he felt a strong need to create songs on his own.
Ken-ichi works on an album with French tunes and Latin American influences, with the internationally renowned producer and famous "Sound Doctor" Georg Luksch.

The first two singles taken from the album "Recognition" are "Mon cœur est a toi" and "Mind Game".
2010 will be a very exciting and active year to come.

The title "Mon cœur est a toi" is available on I-Tunes Store.
The videoclip of „Mon cœur est a toi“ to watch:

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