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Selma, North Carolina

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I purchased my first camera in 1953 when I was in Korea; I took pictures of the people and the countryside. This is when I first experienced a love of cameras and photography.

For the next forty some years I took pictures of family vacations and special events. I took some industrial photos for documentation and process control as a function of my job as an electronic test equipment engineer.

I retired in 1997, and it was at this time that digital photography was starting to advance.

I purchased my first digital camera, an Olympus 3030 Zoom, and my first Dell computer.

My hobby in digital photography has flourished and keeps me busy. I now have over sixty thousand digital files archived on CD’s and DVD’s and two teribite external drives.

My favorite subjects are flowers, cityscapes and churches. In the spring I will be taking pictures of roses at the Wilson Rose Garden and daylilies at Fletcher park and JC Park in Raleigh. There is nothing more exciting than spending hours in the garden with my Canon Digital Rebel and zoom lenses, taking about 200 pictures of roses or daylilies.

And then I get to download the pictures to my computer where I can spend hours viewing, digitally enhancing and making graphic designs. Great hobby!

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