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  1. Rupak Biswas commented on Summer slide
    Hey thx so much Vyacheslav for those links! as usual, loved them!! Vlas Rud on askroller is another stunner. not suprising that he won against Lesch Martsenyuk. It seems now I have a new found interest of learning Russian :) do you skate too?
  2. Rupak Biswas commented on Summer slide
    Grt! I knew it was Ukraine but wanted to know the exact place. I watched other's rollerblading vids (Moshak, etc.) but Andrey / Andrew is exceptionally good. Any such videos of Sergey?
  3. stunner!! kudos Andrey & Vyacheslav!
  4. Rupak Biswas commented on Summer slide
    btw, which place is this? also plz convey my congratulations to Andrey for being such a brilliant talent!