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Tomas Street is a Toronto based screenwriter and script supervisor.

From a young age he was exposed to the world of storytelling through his internationally published photographer Father and acclaimed actress Mother, both raconteurs in their own regard they shaped how Tomas tells stories today. With produced credits for stage and screen he has been optioned, signed, granted money from the Harold Greenburg Fund, and finalized in competition. His work ranges from Comedy to Thriller, Romance to Horror, but always with a strong focus on character, plot and engaging dialogue.

Also known for co-creating the Viewpoint Film Challenge ( Tomas is a lover of film and a supporter of young and first time filmmakers – On set Tomas spends most of his time as a script supervisor when not writing. He also has experience as a Director, producer, editor and just about any other position on set. He brings his experience in all departments to the screen with “Kid’s Town”, his latest creation.

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